Visor-Window shows when clicking on Finder-Dock-Icon


when I dont have any window open and click on the Finder-Dock-Icon, the visor window shows up. I would prefer to open a window instead or at least that I can choose this in the settings. :blush:

Also when they are windows minimized, the visor shows up instead of the minimized windows.

For me, the visor should only come up, wenn I have pressed the shortcut.

Like I said, the best way would be to choose this in the settings, because maybe some other persons like it the way it is.


This thread is related, I’ve implemented current behaviour because of that:

I’m working on a tweak which will enable the behaviour you have just described.

Ah nice, thx!

Upcoming version 1.6.2 will have a hidden tweak, which will do what you want:

defaults write TotalFinderDockIconIgnoresVisor -bool yes

Finder restart is needed. To return the default behaviour:

defaults write TotalFinderDockIconIgnoresVisor -bool no

TotalFinder 1.6.2 beta is out:

Nice, thank you very much!


Can’t wait for 1.6.2 - though I prefer to shy away from a beta version at the moment.

Thanks for this tweak, very useful.

One issue remains though with this tweak, when I use the Visor, pressing cmd+T to open a new tab will open a new tab in a new “classic” TotalFinder window instead of in the Visor. Same behavior for the new tab icon in the Visor.
So basically, tabs won’t work in the Visor.

Any idea?

This was helpful, as I’m not using Visor feature. IMHO, this should be default behavior if Visor is disabled. Also, why don’t you add it to the options panel?