Visual glitch on Quick Look (TotalFinder 1.14.2)

anybody have this visual black glitch? I am on MBP M1

check this video: CleanShot 2022-07-29 at 15.38.09
or gif:


black glitch appear when I quick look download folder (and everything sometime)

I can’t reproduce this issue on either Apple Silicon or Intel (x86_64), even when using the exact same folders that you are showing in your capture.

Do you by any chance have anything on your system that may be modifying Finder…?

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looks like a graphic glitch or bad macos install. Even the speed of quicklook coming up is slow, and I’m not on an ‘uber Mac’
open activity monitor and search quicklook. Select everything and force quit with the x button.

If that not helps, try a restart.

Hello Karen, I think I don’t use anything that modifying my Finder…
it’s not only on that folder, it’s anywhere… (Application, etc.)

what causes that bad macos install?