Visual Glitch When Switching Between Multiple Full Screen Programs

I use Total Spaces II to run multiple instances of a very old online computer game. I have a MiniDisplay and an HDMI output on my computer. When I have both plugged into monitors, I have no issues at all (even if a monitor is turned off).

When I only have one monitor plugged in, I cannot get the screen to display properly between multiple instances of the full screen game.

Example: I have three characters. I would like to toggle from Space 1 to Space 2 to Space 3 in any order, but I can only ensure it works if I first toggle to an empty space. Otherwise, I see the desktop background for several seconds before the game comes into view. The game will also be flickering between the game and the desktop.

Another weird part of this bug, is that the order I opened the program matters. If I log into space 1 first, followed by 2 second, and 3 third; I will always be able to switch to space 1 without a glitch, but I can only switch to space 2 if I come from space 3 or and empty space. I will never be able to switch to space 3 from spaces 1 or 2. I must use an empty space to get to the third version.

Any clue what is causing this? I played this years ago without the problem. I think there may be some connection to the fact that my monitors only take DVI inputs, and I use converters.

I run this program on High Sierra 10.13.6.