Weird 1: TotalFinder quit after QuarkXPress launch

Specs: Mac OS 10.8.5, 8MB RAM, 2009 Mac Pro, 2.66 GHz Quad-core Intel.
Apps on before Quark: Suitcase Fusion 5, Mail, Safari and TotalFinder.

I launched Quark XPress after being on my Mac for about an hour (checking email, etc.). I clicked on one of my open TotalFinder windows to access the file I wanted to edit, and TotalFinder crashed, but no corresponding “crash reporter” was opened.

I had to relaunch TotalFinder.

Similar crashes have happened in the past, but I was running several other apps along with Quark XPress and the “crash reporter” always came on. Adobe apps like Photoshop, Acrobat and Dreamweaver.

This is the first time I was using Quark XPress 10.x by itself… so now, I’m thinking this was the problem app all along.

What concerns me is the absence of the crash reporter.

Anyone have any ideas what would cause this on Mountain Lion?

-Jenn in Genoa