Where Does TotaFinder download to?

i just purchased TotalFinder. So far, I’ve received a confirmation email from credit card company that purchase went through, received email from Binary with my new key to launch TotalFinder. Where is my Total Finder? I’ve checked: Downloads folder, Documents folder, Applications folder, Launch Pad, Dock and also used Search to find my new purchase and still can’t find it. What am I missing? This seemed to be a straight forward approach but I was wrong. Can you please help?

Hi Scott,

Thanks for purchasing. Please download it from the homepage and use the installer:

Details on registering your copy are described here:

btw. normally users are supposed to use the software in trial mode for a while to determine if it fits their needs or not.

Thank you for the follow up! I realized after i sent my email that I needed to disable SIP and then reenable it after the install. All set now!@ Thank you!


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