Why does Apple keep trying to replace spaces?

Why does Apple keep trying to replace spaces? I watched a few demos of the most recent incantation, Stage Manager, and it looks like just another bad replacement of the original spaces.

They did the same thing with dashboard.

I agree, Apple should invest in TS3 !

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Since they removed native spaces when lion released and traded it for “mission control” multitasking usability has been rolling down hill. To this day they haven’t learned from their mistakes.
What they SHOULD have done is given people the choice of how people want to manage their own personal machines and implemented the facility to have both a linear layout and a grid layout.
Why they traded one for the other and removed choice is baffling, and in my opinion it was probably the most asinine move the macOS team ever made in terms of usability.

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“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology–not the other way around,” -Steve Jobs

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

I’ve been using a Mac since ~1991 (maybe 30 years)
Macs worked the way I work. I could care less about Mac/PC, but Macs innovated in a way that I was more productive.

That has changed at the core of the company, over time. Now “Apple” forces us to work the way the computer, the operating system, works. And force us to accept it. To conform to it. This is not impatience on our part. It is ignorance and capitalism on the part of Apple.

It doesn’t help to argue this. In Apple’s view, If their machines and operating systems cannot work together as one user-environment, overseen by Apple, then discard the innovation being suggested. And we pay the price.

Have they really removed “spaces” tho? What is lacking besides the ability to move not only horizontally but also vertically?

Spaces was introduced in 10.5 and went downhill from there. TotalSpaces came to exist because Apple started destroying the great product they had created.

Today’s version of spaces is a horizontal scroll bar of virtual desktops instead of a grid, which works fine if you have a touchpad but I feel it just isn’t designed for a mouse.

TotalSpaces has had a very good run and I hope to see development continue but there has been such little communication that I’m not optimistic about it’s future. Eventually I’ll need to upgrade from Big Sur and TotalSpaces will stop working.

Personally I revised all my workflows until I found a way to continue to be efficient without TotalSpace… (I just had to… couldn’t do work with a half-finished product)

wasn’t that hard actually but you have to change how you organise yourself a little bit

Tried stage manager for the first time today… while some may say that you just need to adjust to a new workflow, I absolutely can not stand this.

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