Why does Finder window follow me to other spaces?

I’m not sure whether this problem is related to TotalSpaces, or if it’s just a MacOS bug.

I’m running TotalSpaces 3 for Apple Silicon.

For all my testing however, I’ve quit Total Spaces, it’s not running, so I’m thinking it’s probably not TS causing the issue, unless it configured something weird when I installed it.

Finder window will follow me to other spaces when I have more than 1 tab open, and a tab other than the 1st is selected in that finder window.

I’ve outlined this in more detail here: Why does Finder window follow me to other… - Apple Community

Someone suggested I uninstall TotalSpaces and try again, but uninstalling won’t reset anything it might have misconfigured.
Again, I doubt it’s TS that’s causing this issue, but covering the bases I decided to post my question here.