Why I can use ctrl + opt + NUM key to change space but can not move current window

I set ctrl + opt + arrow key to change space,and ctrl + opt + cmd + arrow key to move current window.

and I found that I use ctrl + opt + num key (, also can change space. I think its very convenience, because I can change space from desktop 1 to 4 by one step but need two step at least with arrow key.

but this similar setting can not work when moving current window to others. so, I can’t move the current window from desktop 1 to desktop 4 by one step, I need to use ctrl + opt +cmd +arrow right and arrow down again.

This is not something we’ve thought of - it requires another setting for each space location.

I agree it would be handy though. We will consider it, thanks.

Its really very handy, haha. I expect the feature.