Will there ever be a TotalSpaces version without the Terminal trick?

Hello … Will there ever be a TotalSpaces version for El Capitan that will not require the Terminal trick ?

At this point it seems unlikely.

We don’t have a workaround to run it with SIP enabled, and even if we did I’m sure Apple would fix it on the next release.

Hi Stephen,

I just began trying out TotalSpaces (TS) and simply love it. I am still running Yosemite. It bonifies OS X’s Spaces so much. I am sad reading that TS requires a tweak that reduces the system integrity under El Capitan. That probably means that TS will not survive futur OS upgrade very long.

If this is the case, I would suggest that you convince Apple to integrate it in their next OS X upgrade. I would rather prefer that you get all the benefit from this piece of art, but if it’s impossible then rather let it survive than to trash it all.

Good luck.

Robert Lespérance

Thanks for your support!

I’ll continue to support TotalSpaces for as long as I can, but it’s true it may not last forever.
If only Apple would bring back grid spaces themselves, but I don’t think they are very interested in it unfortunately.

Is running El Capitan without SIP as secure as Yosemite is ?

Hallo Stephen,
Isn’t it possible you write a MACRO that we (simple users of TOTALSPACES2) can copy-paste and run in “Teminal” to perform all the actions we need? Every time we get an update of the OS of MAC we can use that macro?
For people who haven’t the experience to follow the technical instructions to do it yourself it would be a VERY big help.

Apple deliberately made that hard.

The process of changing SIP settings requires rebooting the machine into recovery mode, changing a setting, then rebooting again. This is not scriptable.

But for sure we’ll continue to try to find a way to make it easier.