Window doesn't disappear when it loses focus

Just recently discovered TotalTerminal and I love it.

However, I find it very annoying that it doesn’t disappear when it loses focus. It stays on top of everything, pinned to the top of my screen covering half of everything.

I actually vaguely remember when I first used it, it did slide up when I switched to another application, but it’s been this way (not going away on lost focus) for several days now.

The only way to get rid of it is to re-focus on the terminal and then use the shortcut (I have it bound to Ctrl x2) or hit escape (I have that option checked).

I’ve looked all over to see if it was some setting I changed, but I couldn’t find anything. I’ve tried restarting TotalTerminal (several times) and even restarting my computer to no avail.

I am feeling pretty stupid…

I thought I had tested with Pin Visor both on and off, but I think part of the problem is I (for some crazy reason) reversed what I thought Pin Visor should do when enabled and disabled.

There’s no issue here. Well, other my issues, which are deep and forboding.

I don’t understand how you fixed this. I have the same problem. Can you explain?

It looks like with the last few updates, the visor is pinned by default. Weird. To resolve the issue, simply open the visor and input the keyboard shortcut to pin the visor. I think the default is CMD + SHIFT + P. This will unpin the visor and make it vanish when not in focus. Hope this helps.

That did the trick.

Can’t believe I suffered so much from this for so long.

There are too many people having problem with this. I should implement some obvious visual indication that visor is pinned.

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Oh my gosh! @darwin please make this more obvious. I too suffered with this for several weeks before finding this information. Terribly annoying. So glad I found this!