Window flashes during minimise, alerts, when Visor enabled

I am new to TotalFinder, having recently switched from PathFinder. TotalFinder is awesome!

The only problem I notice is that when Visor is enabled, a Finder window flashes up on my screen whenever a window minimises, or an OS X alert dialogue window is displayed. The flash is too quick for me to get a good look at it, but it does look like a Finder window.

It kind of seems as if Visor mode creates a hidden Finder window (which only gets displayed when I double-tap Cmd) but perhaps the minimise animation in OS X somehow causes the Finder to unhide and re-hide the hidden TotalFinder Visor. It doesn’t affect the functionality of the Finder or TotalFinder Visor, but it is quite jarring to see a window flash up on your screen as I work.

If no-one else notices these window flashes, could there be an issue with the video card on my MacBook Pro? It happens for me on the MBP’s Retina display, and external non-retina monitors. My system is a Late 2013 13" MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz i5 with 16 GB RAM running OS X 10.9.1, and a Intel Iris 1024 MB video card.

Any suggestions to help get rid of these flashes would be very welcome. For now, I just disable Visor, but I would like to be able to use it again soon.

I just tried Visor on my Mid-2011 Mac mini, which is also running OS X 10.9.1 with 16 GB RAM and 2.5 GHz Core i5 processor. It does not seems to exhibit the same window flash behaviour when minimizing windows. The video card for this Mac is an AMD Radeon HD 6639M 256 MB.

This recently started happening to me, too. I’m on a mid 2012 MBPro Retina and 10.9.2. I’ve been a long time TF user, and this only started happening recently.

Just wondering did 1.5.24 fix the issues?

Upgraded and it’s still happening. Instead of flickering, though, now it flashes just once. Better, but not fixed.

I have been unable to reproduce it so far :frowning:

Could you guys please tweak Visor preferences and try to isolate any of the settings which cause it? What if you disable sliding, what if fading, what if you leave them both enabled and just set duration to 0. Or set duration to maximum. Does it happen only when sliding down? Or in both directions? etc.