Wish: Forward/ Backward gesture in TotalFinder

Is there any hope that you will implement this feature in TotalFinder in the future? I’m missing it and don’t understand why Apple allows this gesture in Safari or Firefox, but not in Finder…

They probably had some good reason to remove it from Finder.

Anyways this is not on my priority list right now. I’m sorry.

My life using my Mac would be a whole lot easier and more convinient if I could use a 2-finger gesture with my Magic Trackpad to go Back / Forward in Finder, just as I would in a web browser. I am sure many Apple laptop users would be pretty happy too.

I just tried and it seems to be possible to set this up using BetterTouchTool, a free app that will let you assign all sorts of gestures to keyboard shortcuts, menubar items, etc., on a global or per-app basis. In this case, I assigned the right and left two-finger swipes to ⌘[ and ⌘] and it seemed to work fine. However, since I use column view in Finder, it’s of little value to me, so I turned it off. :slight_smile:

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