Wish there was a column for DATE of latest post: 07/07/17

Wish this support forum would provide a column for DATE of latest post.

Date of last post would be of higher priority than Users, even Number of Views… if there wasn’t space. But some of these might be old or irrelevant and showing date of latest post would be immensely appreciated.

Unfortunately I cannot configure something like this with this forum software AFAIK.

You can view latest stuff, but that means that topics are considered as old as their most recent post:

You can see the date of initial posts when you open it. But I agree that that is not convenient.

btw. when you are logged in and have your user created, then you can configure what is considered “new” from your perspective. But this requires a user account.

Ha. Surprises me when a forum package omits such functionality ~ that is one would think they would have it as, at the very least, a configurable option. Well, thank you for the prompt response. Not required just the first thing that came to mind as a new member visiting for the first time…