Would you give me a beta ver of totalspaces for mavericks?

is there any beta ver?
I think I can not do my daily work without totalspaces, I need it very impendency !

See here:


Downloads are here:


tks, can not registration for the trial ver? registration dialog box will pop up every time,very boredom!

Sorry if it’s annoying, but hopefully you don’t have to restart it often.

We’ll get the registration done asap.

I think its steady almost, just restart one time until now !
reason: I could not find thumbnail in one of the grids.

a advice about fullscreen app: the grid is too small when there are fullscreen apps,can we make a scroll bar in grid view?

Ok, I replied to your other question also, but out of interest how do you set your grid up? And roughly how many fullscreens do you have open?