Wrong file listing behaviour while creating a folder, copying files, creating files from external apps, etc

When I create a new folder, the finder window shows a duplicate file name instead of the normal “untitled folder” (and i can´t also name the new fodler). I have to go to some other folder and back to where i was so i can refresh the list and see the “untitled folder” and have the ability to rename it.

Same thing happens If I save a file from an external programm, the new file isn´t listed, and I just see a duplicate file that previously existed on the folder. I have t
o go back and forward again to refresh the file list.

This happens on both my macbook (sierra) and my iMac (el capitan). It doesn´t happen with normal finder. It happens since previous versions, but before it didn´t happened every time, and I could simple go to another tab and back to the current tab to refresh the list. Now it happens every time and the only way to refresh is browsing another folder and back.

Here is the duplicate file when i create a new folder:

And after refreshing (entering another folder, and back to the original folder):

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Same thing here.
It’s really annoying since the last update 10.11.4. Now you can’t refresh by refocusing the tab, you have to close it.

The fastest way is to hit cmd+up and cmb+down: But still annoying.

Its strange that no one else jumped to this thread. As it´s happening in my 2 computers, I thought that everyone had this problem.

Is there anything we could try to fix this? Any way to completely uninstalling and installing back?

Yes, I am seeing exactly the same behaviour - it’s incredibly frustrating.

Unfortunately this is caused by Folder on Top feature under El Capitan. Finder can get confused by TotalFinder trying to reorder items under “its hands”.

I never found a good solution and in Sierra this is no longer an issue, because Finder implemented their own way how to sort “Folders First”.

A workaround would be to refresh the Finder view somehow, for example going one level up and back (CMD+UP_ARROW, then CMD+[).

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I would recommend upgrading macOS.