XtraFinder now works with SIP enabled?

I hope it’s OK to mention it here. The competing app, XtraFinder, now supposedly works with SIP enabled in Mojave. That’s big news if it’s true.


Yes XtraFinder Beta for SIP-enabled Mojave. I tested it and worked very well.


Yes, it looks like they found a way how to inject their code into Finder.app in SIP-enabled Mojave. Good job!

In trying to resolve a TF issue (which was not a TF issue after all…) I downloaded XF to see if it had the same issue (which it did).

The interesting thing is that by accident I had both TF and XF running together. Yes some things started to crash (split screens…) so I disabled all the XF functions that TF provides (better IMHO) and both are working well together.

Have the best of both now on a SIP disabled system.

I did that in High Sierra. I ran both XF and TF. I think you get the best of both worlds. I have not tried that (yet) in Mojave, though.

Good to have another reference !

First try was Mojave (SIP OFF) and all good with latest of all products 10.14.1 , XF 1.2.2 and TF 1.11.4. No interest in turning on SIP.

I prefer TF 's features for split screen, labels etc. XF gives you great file selection, collapsing and a few other lesser used features.

Hopefully, you will now be able to update to a SIP-enabled Mojave version, then I can srat using Total Finder once more.

I like Total Finder so much better than Extra Finder. @darwin, I hope you are able to reverse engineer that and make TF work with SIP enabled in Mojave.

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It has to happen. Having SIP disabled should not be encouraged for normal use, and I for one will not use Total Finder until the necessary changes are made.

Yeah, the XtraFinder Dev moved EVERYTHING into a bundle and put it in the FinderOverrides folder. It works pretty good but I hate XF’s UI.

That means: (I think):

  • TotalFinder will have to be rewritten. Hello TF 2.
  • Get ready to give TF Dev your $$$ Euros or Yen.

Please do this. If TF2 ends up being a “new product” I’ll pay.

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I did some research of the method and @leoofborg is correct.

Unfortunately I see two rather major problems with this:

  1. I believe this is a security hole. Apple will patch this as soon as somebody from Apple spots TotalFinder or XtraFinder doing this in the wild.
  2. There is a problem with updates. As @leoofborg pointed out all code must be moved inside our bundle in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/FileProvider.framework/OverrideBundles and that is SIP-protected area. We would have to ask users to disable/enable SIP for each TotalFinder update. Unfortunately loading external “non platform” code is prohibited in “platform” binaries.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been getting by on Mojave with Path Finder but it’s not quite the same so I tried XtraFinder tonight and so far it’s working great.

Not quite as elegant as Total Finder but better than nothing.

Ok…but it has been over 1 yr. Any chance that TF can do the same, even if it is “short-lived”? Not sure how much effort it would be. But it would allow users to keep SIP enabled until such time, if it ever happens.

I’m sorry. I decided not to go this route. I would have to redesign some parts of TotalFinder and maintain just another mode of installation. Frankly, it is not worth the trouble for me.

Thx for the reply. That is unfortunate.

BTW, just curious, does this mean you use TF with SIP disabled?

Yes, I have SIP fully disabled.