YOS 10.10.3 TF Disappears

i cannot keep TF running - it seems to disappear and the Finder hangs up every so often - have not yet found a cause. Attempts to reopen TF are no go.
i reload TF and OK for a while.
More frustrating because it does not allow FINDER to open up a window.

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Is there a Yosemite 10.10.3 ?

Yes - Public Beta

Same here. Can seem to see TF in 10.10.3 running at all.

Similar problem. What I am seeing is that my Mac is unused but running during the night. When I come back and this happens every morning, TotalFinder has crashed along with Finder. It happens every single night that I leave it running.

Total Finder doesn’t work with the latest 10.10.3 beta build, 14D113c.

An urgent update is required.

I’m on it. I wonder why my system offered me update just today. I should be subscribed to dev updates as soon as they are avail.

Good to hear.

I have installed 10.10.3-14D113c on my main system. Will watch Finder. In the meantime. If you guys have anything interesting related to Finder/TotalFinder in Console.app > All Messages or some related crash reports in Console.app > User Diagnostics Reports, please send it to support@binaryage.com or share it here.

Don’t know if this is related, but I’m also running 10.10.3 and when I minimize TF, it won’t pop back up when I click it … I have to use secondary (rightclick) to open the minimized window again.