Can we help test Total Spaces 3 if we have Apple silicon?

Rarely buy products, but this Total Spaces thing is…a thing!

I’ve been using for a lot (and shame on me, broke student, pirated it). BUT I heavily regret now that decision.

Hope that TS3 is something I’ll be able to see and…purchase, when I get hand’s on on new M1 Max (or even M2 by that time, who knows).

Really…2D is essential for me. When I had an ability to purchase I was not able to turn SIP off. Unfortunately (know, that it’s not developers’ issue, but Apple).

Looking forward to TS3! Wish best of luck! Personally, for me basic VIM-like navigation and custom grid is what I need. Like 6x6 or so and I’m ultra-happy. This is an MVP to me.

So far I’m enjoying TS3 of M1 Mac Pro/Monterey. It has its quirks, but I can live with most of them (slow transitions, etc). However, the one I find more annoying is that if I drag an app from one space to another, it just bounces back. And these are not apps tied to a particular space.

It is also a pity that “Displays have separate Spaces” has to be selected in Mission Control. I always had it turned off in TS2, but am getting used to the new setup.

Hi TS3 fans : has anyone tried TS3 on macOS Ventura beta 1 and 2 ?

The “bounce back” bug has been fixed in 0.9.

Great. Thanks!

does anyone know what the latest current working version of TS is?
and where to download it?

Check out the second post in this thread:

This seems to be the “official release”, and if you install it and then try to update within TS3, it says it’s up-to-date. However, there is a later version that works better for me, allowing dragging to new spaces (and staying there):

This may be as good as it gets, as it doesn’t seem the program is active. So far, it works well for me in Mac OS 12.4 Monterey, and I’m happy that we don’t have to disable SIP any more. No guarantees for Ventura.

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yeah thanks, I’m on the latest already it seems if that’s the case.
issue im having is assigning apps to particular spaces keeps randomising every time I relaunch or reboot. its weird

I don’t have that problem. Have you turned off automatic rearrangement of spaces in Mission Control?

In TS3 Preferences > Apps, does the list correspond to your initial setting, or to the new “random” one?


I just saw your post. Is Total Spaces 3 working for you on an Intel Mac on OS 12.4 Monterey?

Thank you!

I used TS2 on intel Mac, TS3 on M1 Mac.

I use TS2 on my Intel Mac, but only up to Big Sur 11.6.7. Do you have it working on and Intel on Monterey?


No, I’m using Big Sur still on the Intel MacBook Pro.

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TS3 WORKS on macOS 13 Ventura b2, but… I love Stage Manager, one click faster to everywhere. Still learning and experiencing.

Back working on TS3 because Stage Manager has still some things to improve or debug… (even though very promising)
I hope TS3 continues to be developed by the new extended team !