Desktop colored labels don't work with shortcuts

In Desktop, if you put a colored label in a shortcut it still appears as a little circle in left-side of the item name.

Label color for desktop is a new feature in beta 1.5.32. Are you up to date?
Here it works, although like in the other views (list,column,icon) there are cases when you have to refresh the painting of the colors by clicking on the alias (shortcut).

Hello, Marc. Yes, I’m using the beta version 1.5.32. I tryed everything (including a boot) and in my desktop TF still shows the old small circle. I don’t know if it is relevant: I use the localized version to Brazilian Portuguese. Sending some screenshots I think can help you. By the way, you have a great product and I like it a lot. Congratulations for the constant evolution. Best regards.

This issue should be resolved in 1.5.33 release (I plan to release it tomorrow).

Thank you for reporting this!

Please test it in 1.5.33:

thank you

Just to add to this conversation … in this version the labels are working now.