Feature request: switching tabs with cmd + number (cmd+1, cmd+2 etc)

Hi everyone,
I am a former Xtrafinder user, now considering to switch to TotalFinder. Until now, the trial is working pretty well. However, there is one feature I’m really missing in TF. Possibily this was already coined before, but I couldn’t find it in this forum.

Would it be possible to switch tabs using cmd + numbers? E.g. when having open 5 tabs, and the window is currently focussed on tab one, switching to the fourth tab by pressing cmd + 4, instead of having to click or use cmd + shift + left/right?

Thanks in advance for considering, with this, TotalFinder would be the perfect replacement for Xtrafinder!

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This would be amazing!

Hi, this is actually implemented internally, but you have to enable a terminal plist tweak:

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Yes!!! This is great! For convenience, could this be built into the UI?
This convinces me, I will buy the full version, thanks!

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