Fullscreen Slideover

Hello. I’ve noticed that even with selecting “Run Terminal.app as a background app”, total terminal still fails to slide over any of my full screened apps. Am I mistaken in thinking that this should be possible?


~ Dale

Hi. Did you try to relaunch TotalTerminal after enabling this option? Just open TotalTerminal window, press Cmd+Q and launch it again. Should help.

That works better. There is still an unsightly gap at the top where the “menu bar” would be, but is obviously vacant on a fullscreen app. Will this be fixed soon?

Yep, this is exactly what I asked here: On a fullscreen mode TotalTerminal has an empty space for menu bar

Did this ever stop working for you? The above worked for me, then randomly it stopped working in fullscreen apps. Can’t figure out what changed.

My problem as well!!!
I really hate the empty space on full screen apps