Future support of Apple Silicon Macs?

Hi there!

I love TotalSpaces2 and am using it for years now. Every Mac I have to use, where it is not installed, I feel caged…

So my question is, are you planning on having support for the new Apple Silicon architecture? Maybe even a TotalSpaces3? Btw. I’d buy it :laughing:

Thanks and have a good day!


We do have some plans, but have nothing to announce just now.

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Does it work (in non native mode) today?

Can you (or anyone else) confirm that the current version works on the new MacBook M1 running big sur?


TotalSpaces2 does not work on the apple silicon platform. TotalSpaces3 will, but I’m sorry you will have to wait a bit longer for it.

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Thank you for the clarification, Stephen. And thanks for you and your team’s hard work helping all of us Mac users get more out of our machines!

TotalSpaces2 is a really important part of my workflow :slight_smile:

I have a M1 Mac Mini and I am really looking forward to TotalSpaces3.

Does TotalSpaces2 work on Big Sur on a M1 machine using Rosetta 2 until TotalSpaces3 is released?

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Take my money now !! love the product !!