How to ask TotalFinder to save the configuration of current windows?

I’m wondering how I could “force” TotalFinder to save the positions and content of currently opened Finder windows. As I can see, the current configuration seems to be saved automatically when we logout or restart, but I would like to be able to trigger that manually.
This would be useful for me because it happens sometimes that I need to restart the Finder (and TotalFinder) when things are not behaving as I want. To do this I ‘killall Finder’ and then ‘open /Applications/’. But when doing this, previously opened windows are not re-opened. It seems that only the configuration of windows before the last restart/logout is saved and recovered.
I also tried to ‘killall TotalFinder’ before ‘killall Finder’, but this doesn’t change anything. The function “Relaunch Finder” in TotalFinder’s menu doesn’t seem to save the configuration either.


I agree. There needs to be a way to save various window configurations across sessions. It takes time to set up the finders the way I like, and having to rebuild that if one is accidentally closed, or if I simply want to clear my screen then go back to a specified layout, having a library of tabbed/tiled windows to specific paths would be extremely helpful.

2 years and still no progress in saving a default set of tabs in a window.
And no official answer, or is this topic answered somewhere else?

I like to buy 2 licenses but this is a feature I really need :neutral_face:

Hi Sascha,

This is not going to happen. I’m sorry.

TotalFinder is no longer a viable commercial app due to Apple’s SIP. I don’t want to invest time in implementing new features. I just focus on keeping existing features working with new OS releases for existing customers (if possible).

Thanks for your understanding.

Totally understandable.

Just to help me to understand… you are still selling this app but it is known (to you) as “dying”.
Shouln’t you deactivate your store or post a warning about this fact? :confused:

Almost I would have become an “existing customer” for a software which is just a subject of life-sustainment :scream:

Do you have any plans to make the code open-source or the app a real cheapo?

Hi Sascha,

I agree with you that this has to be better communicated. And I’m going to improve this over next month or so. But the situation is now very much in flux, I’m taking over TotalFinder support/development again after 10 months break.

Please, let me give you some context:

  1. in June 2015 we announced, and decreased prices to 50% discount.
  2. in March 2016 we handed our apps to Steve, because he was motivated to continue and he had some ideas how make this SIP disaster sustainable: He disabled the discount.

About a week ago we decided to take over again because Steve ran out of steam and wants to focus on other projects. Life happens.

TotalFinder is kind of a special app in the sense that it usually needs major rewrites between OS releases (it hacks!). Features are not “guaranteed” because it heavily depends on what Apple does with Finder. I hope my documentation has always been pretty clear about that. But luckily for customers I was able to maintain TotalFinder feature-set over last 6 years and never charged for an upgrade. btw. This has been on our licensing page mentioning the risks of buying since the beginning.

Anyways. There is still great value in TotalFinder for people running on older systems or willing to disable SIP (which is not a big risk for a technical person IMO). And there is still support cost for me which is the major problem for me. For example writing this post was 10+ minutes of my day :slight_smile:

So my current plan is:

  1. make it super clear about the status of this app
  2. after step 1, maybe increase the price to repel new customers (exactly the opposite of your idea)
  3. don’t open-source it, because I don’t see much positive outcome out of this step, chances are very very slim that anybody is going to continue in TF development in the open. Also open-sourcing the code-base would require non-trivial work and would potentially expose existing customers to a risk in case there was some unknown security issue. Anyways, If anybody wanted to try to develop it further they can contact me and I would be open for private collaboration.

Ok, hope this honestly explained our current situation. And btw. we offer refunds, so even if you become an existing customer and then realize it does not fit your original expectations there is a good chance we refund you your money.

Peace :peace:


:christmas_tree: :fireworks:

Even with that , I´m still using TF

Tried a lot with Path Finder, but I can´t get to feel comfortable with it.

Should be so nice that this matter got fixed!