Icons in the sidebar are not in color any more

I just installed the latest Catalina public beta and the icons in the sidebar are no longer colorized except for one. The “remote disc” icon is in color.

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The same with me… After installation in Catalina the colored sidebar icons disappeard except for the first…
Any ideas? Thank you

Same. Very annoying!
however, the icon of Airdrop changes anyway. So somehow it still seems to work.
Maybe names have changed in Catalina, so assignments do not work anymore

in the beta version of Catalina the icons were colored in sidebar, now with the final version not …

hey, we need to review the plist which defines mapping between special folder “ids” and icons,
currently TotalFinder uses these:

btw. I don’t own colored icons and cannot bundle them, so if they are no longer present in Catalina somewhere we are out of luck.

XtraFinder showed colored icons during the Catalina beta testing. Unfortunately, it does not work or even install in the shipped version of Catalina.

Congratulations for the excellent work.
I tried to change the links to the color icons in the plist but then the application doesn’t open. the ways are wrong, color icons works perfectly with another application, but if it works with Totalfinder it was perfect.

Paulo, you cannot really modify anything inside TotalFinder bundle because that breaks code signatures.

But you can follow this and specify a custom file:

I am having the same issue with no color icons in the sidebar in Catalina. This is my main reason for purchasing TotalFinder and is extremely important to me. I am hoping that the solution that you are suggesting to Paulo will work, but I don’t quite understand the instructions. Could you do instructions that are complete from start to finish, please. Thanks!