macOS Big Sur and TotalFinder

I know its only become available today (I’m downloading now); but I was curious if you planned on TotalFinder working in Big Sur? Any information you might be able to share would be awesome, after you’ve had a chance to take a look at macOS 10.16.

Thanks, in advance!!

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TotalFinder 1.12.3 is unlikely to work out-of-the-box. I would guess that they changed some Finder internals at least to implement the new UI changes.

I will install macOS 10.16 later this week and take a look. I will do my best to adapt TotalFinder to the new Finder - hopefully keeping all existing features working as before.


Would appreciate that. I much prefer TF’s tabbed interface to the native one. I also make extensive use of the cut/ copy/ paste buttons. Those are the features I need the most. Hopefully, it won’t take a lot to get the core Functionality working.

Thanks for all you do!


Can’t tell much from a demo in YouTube but… have we lost tags in the new native Finder ?? TF will be essential if that is the case !!