Mavericks, Scroll bars vanished, dual mode right window problems

In dual mode the scroll bar for the right handed windows is no longer there. One can’t scroll using the scroll bar.
In addition I also experience strange columns width effects on the right handed window. The first column (name) is very long and the other columns (like date, size, version) can’t be reached. The scroll bar at the bottom does’t help either.

Mavericks, TF 1.5.2
Regards Karl

Ditto here. @forum675, you can get around the problem for now by changing directories and then going back to the original, temporarily letting horizontal scrolling work again.

Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately in my case scrolling is not coming back :frowning:

This sounds like a serious annoying issue. I have to fix it with priority. Thanks for reporting.

correction: I did some more testing and think the tip is correct. Scrolling is back after leaving the folder than selecting a different one and then coming back.
It looks like an initialization issue when the dual mode is initiated or one clicks into the right handed window.
when you combine two windows to dual mode, then on the left the column width is adjusted to the windows size but NOT on the right.
perhaps that helps to find the error…

any progress on solving that issue?

I wanted first resolve most TotalTerminal issues before I move to Mavericks and TotalFinder. Switching context is a pain. I know this is annoying but give me a week or two.

I too am experiencing this in Mavericks with TotalFinder! It’s very annoying. I find that if I click on some other folder in the right sidebar then click back to the folder I was on, it will show the horizontal scroll bar which allows me to scroll over to where date and size columns are needlessly hiding. I shrink the width of the name column and it works until I click on the left pane and instantly the right side reverts back to the name column being the full right pane width and the date and size columns are hidden and there’s no horizontal scroll bar again.

Please fix asap!

I’m happy to announce that I have found and fixed the issue.

I’m going to release next version 1.5.3 on beta channel today or tomorrow. Thanks for your cooperation.

Thanks for fixing

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