Microsoft Word / Exce / PowerPointl (2011) not changing spaces properly


There were two bugs in the handling of these windows it seems, I’ll try to fix the second one today.

Thanks for the info on TS not recognising your desktops at first - I’ll look into that.


I find that when I have two powerpoints open, and each on a separate space, then whenever I change to a space that has a powerpoint open (from a space without any ppt), the system instantly switches to the other powerpoint (the one I didn’t want to go to).

The problem is, OSX does this even without TotalSpaces running. If I select a space in Mission control, or swipe to get to one that has a ppt on it, the system instantly switches to the other one.

I think what’s happening is that each powerpoint window is being activated in turn, and each activation causes a space switch.

These switches come from the system. Given that I can’t usually ignore system requested space changes (eg from clicking an app on the dock, or cmd-tab), it makes it hard to determine when to ignore and when not to.

Do you confirm the same behaviour as I see (even without TS running)?


Hi Stephen,

I can confirm that even without Total Spaces running OSX randomly jumps between spaces. Like you said, seems like an activation issue. Too bad Apple couldn’t have figured out how to properly handle the Microsoft Office Suite applications. No possible workaround in Total Spaces? If possible this would be another great benefit of using Total Spaces.

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@Maxine I believe the glitch where TS would not detect the spaces has been fixed in 2.1.9 - it would be really great if you could check that it’s ok for you:

@kduff​123 The only thing I can think of is to somehow disallow fast space changes when the app demanding them is a Microsoft one.

Internally the timing here is very tricky though. I’ll have a play with it and let you know if I get something workable.


Update: Another user found 2.1.9 to still exhibit the problem in some circumstances.

Try this:

Spaces jump when using MS Powerpoint 11

I’ve never had problems without going through the TotalSpaces grid. In my first video from post #12, you should be able to see that the problem only happens when I go through TotalSpaces. Going through Mission Control causes no problems.


I installed 2.1.10. I don’t know if it fixed the problem. Last time it presented, it just happened for about 10 minutes before sorting itself out.

I can say that I didn’t have issues this time when running TotalSpaces after the install, so if that’s all you need to confirm it works now, great! Since it fixed itself before and I couldn’t get it to repeat what it was doing, that’s as much as I can help, sadly.


Thank you Maxine, I think it is fixed, I appreciate the help.

I will also continue to look at finding a way for the MS Office apps to behave better if I can.


I have 2.6.12, and I have what seems like the same problem.
In extreem circumstances (like you click on the dock icon to focus the app, which happens to be in a different window), I get a fantastic psychedelic sort of flipping between the windows, which continues until either my brain explodes, or a click on a different app in a different window and refocus to that app…

Will moving to high sierra help?