Open all new folders as TotalFinder tabs

Say I have a TotalFinder window open already. If I click on Downloads or another folder to open it, it opens up as a native OSX tab in the same TotalFinder tab. How can I disable OSX tabs if I have TotalFinder tabs enabled? Or at least to open all new folders as TotalFinder tabs rather than OSX tabs? It’s really annoying that you can have two tabs under one TotalFinder tab.

If there is no way to do that right now, I would like to suggest that as a new feature.

Example here

Hello? This seems like a pretty basic and needed aspect of using TotalFinder.

I have not seen that. How do you do that?

@x4breakfast, are you asking how I open up native OSX tabs using Total Finder? It’s just what happens when I open up a new folder outside of the Total Finder interface. e.g. if I double click on a folder on my desktop.

In Finder Preferences > TotalFinder > Tabs, I do not have “Use narrow Tabs bar” checked. Maybe you do?

No that’s not it.

@darwin Can I get your thoughts on this? Doesn’t look like it’s possible so could you consider this for a future release. please? Thanks :slight_smile:

The answer can be found here TotalFinder Integration Problem (High Sierra)