Possible to pin separate windows of same app to dif spaces? Plus menu bar question

Hello, Is it possible to pin separate windows of same app to dif spaces? For example

If I have two safari windows open ( 1 Safari windows with multiple tabs for project 1 and a second safari windows for project 2) can I pin Safari window 1 to space 1 and safari window 2 to space 2?

If not is there a way to get the Mac to remember where the safari windows were when i unplug my dual monitors to my mac book and then plug back in?

Also I prefer Displays have separate Spaces = UNCHECKED. With this setting the downside is that it takes away muultiple menu/docks on each external monitor. Any way to have Displays have separate Spaces = UNCHECKED but have multiple docs/menu bar?

Pinning separate windows of a single app is not something TotalSpaces2 does, however it’s possible to move windows via the API - see Feature request:

Regarding the multiple menu bars - there used to be a product called SecondBar that did this, but I’m not sure it’s being developed any more.

There is a great tool for that: http://cordlessdog.com/stay/
It identifies windows by titles to save their position. So if your Safari windows frequently change their title, it wont work that well. But its great for most of the other applications.