Preventing Visor from auto appearing?

Is it possible to prevent Visor from automatically appearing when changing focus to the Finder while no window is open in the Finder?
I’m using the desktop for some regular tasks and would like for Visor to appear only when I hit the defined keystroke and not having to hide it every time I go to my desktop.


Please use this tweak, it should disable it:

Thank you.
This reveals another quirk in the Finder, or rather Spaces.
If there is no window open, it won’t switch to the desktop associated with the Finder. The focused application stays visible.

Basically I’d like to have the following functionality: switching to the Finder, which is on desktop 1 while no window is open in the Finder, changes focus to the Finder application desktop, moving the former focused application aside and revealing the desktop.
Would TotalSpaces allow me to do this?

Hey, this is a cool tweak. You should consider adding to the doc.

Hm, this tweak is not working for me. I am on 10.9.4 and using the trial version at the moment.

Am I missing anything?