Problem setting Labels in 1.5.19 under ML

I’m still using Mountain Lion because of one useful feature that Apple took out of Mavericks: Labels

I just installed the new versión of TF, v1.5.19, just to find that setting labels is not possible any more neither in context menu nor in File/Label. I’m forced to use “Get Info” and set it there. In Finder, with no TotalFinder, works OK.

It was somehow difficult to set labels already in v1.5.6, I had to “insist”, first try to set a label in a file it was not set, but it was in a second try, but with the new version it does not work any more.

Any hint, any advice? Thanks.



Please continue in this thread:

I have the same problem under OS X Lion: changing label color only works via the information window.

Please fix that!