Recurring ghost TF windows (& odd sliding spacetospace)

Antonin, je ne suis pas capable de bien m’exprimer en Anglais.

I have always a kind of ghost Total-finder window on a space. This window is not similar to a normal totalfinder one: no border, not movable but active. The folders in it are openable.
With a reccuring sliding between several spaces and the one containing the window with a odd behavior.
In addition TotalFinder refuse to launch now after disabling it. I can’t give you then a screenshot.
For now, on 10.9.5 running all your products is impossible. I’m so sorry.
I’ll come back soon if a restart let me run Totalfinder again.
Visor on/off ?

I’m seeing something similar in 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion); there is a TotalFinder window centered in the screen with no chrome. Clicking on the toolbar lets me drag the real TotalFinder window around but not the floating one.

This happens on two different 10.8.5 machines.

That’s it ! dda. thanks for your screenshot.
That’s the problem. even on 10.9.5
But today no problem of this kind.
It maybe depends of the number of running apps. Ram ?

I’ve got some more info:

The ghost window is one of the tabs (the first one, in my case) and clicking on that tab caused the ghost window to disappear.

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Technically this bug is caused by this situation:

  1. TotalFinder manages a set of Finder windows, which are modified to act as tab contents (ghost windows = they don’t have usual window frame)
  2. The problem is that system code decides to treat some of those windows as a standalone window and brings it to screen without me knowing. TotalFinder code has several mechanisms how to catch such situations and react accordingly, but unfortunately, I didn’t cover all cases.

In version 1.6.15 I have implemented one more such edge case, so situation could be better:

Thanks for your feedback

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This is happening to me still. I am running OS X Yosemite (10.10.4), though it has been happening since Mavericks. The use case where it happens most often is after I’ve downloaded a zip file via Chrome. I click on the zip file in the “Downloads” bar at the bottom of the window, the file will be unzipped, and the Visor will slide up revealing the unzipped file. However, the window is useless. I can’t click on any files or otherwise resize the Visor window. I usually fix this issue by hitting the Opt+` hotkey where the Visor will slide up again and the ghost window will go away.

This is a highly annoying flow. Any ideas on a fix?