Reveal in finder/show in finder opens in new finder window not finder tab

How’s it going.
My way of using total finder is that I have one Finder window with all my tabs. Works very well for me. I like not having many finder windows open…Thats kind of the point of having tabs in finder.
I just upgraded from Snow leopard to mountain Lion. Updated to the latest version of total finder. Now when I choose “reveal in finder” or “show in finder” from any application it opens in a new tab in a new finder window.
Previously, it would open in a new tab in the one finder window I had open.
So, that is the desired behavior, Open in a new tab in my one finder window.
I have tried a bunch of settings, but nothing has been ale to restore this functionality. Any ideas on how I can get this to behave how it used to?

Also, I read somewhere on this site that “Open New tabs w previous location” in prefs would get this behavior that I want. Tried it both checked and unchecked…No luck.

Would appreciate any help on this.

Total finder 1.4.18
OS X 10.8.4


Basically every folder opened form another space than the Finder space opens a new window. I think this is the problem. It works fine as long as you open new folders from whatever app or for example the bin as well in the same space but it opens new windows when opened from another space.
I too would really appreciate if this could be changed. I’m on Mavericks and new folders from other apps, even in the same space, open a new window here, so TotalFinder is still a bit better and I hope this can be improved so folders opened from another space than Finder would open a new tab as well.

I’m having the same issue. Total Finder 1.6.17, Mac 10.10.2. Some finder windows open in tabs, others not.

Using two monitors, secondary monitor is where I have all the finder windows open.

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