Security Update 2020-001 (Catalina 10.15.7)


Has anybody installed Security Update 2020-001 for Catalina 10.15.7?

Does it break TotalSpaces2?

Am I supposed to re-enable SIP before running the update?

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I’ve installed Security Update 2020-001 for Catalina 10.15.7, and TotalSpaces2 continues to work fine — I didn’t have to do anything.

I installed 10.15.7 now. It does not start up with SIP disabled and so I must change to ‘csrutil enable’ in Terminal of rescue mode. TotalSpaces2 does not work…

csrutil disable
reboot in safe mode
login but black screen (only cursor is displayed)
ssh to this mac
csrutil status : disabled
but /System/Library is still read-only so I cannot remove TotalSpaces.osax
reboot then cmd-R
csrutil enable
reboot without TotalSpaces2…