Tab issue in the latest TotalFinder 1.11.8


In the latest TotalFinder 1.11.8, the tab behaviour has changed. I want to use the TotalFinder tabs all the time and never use the native finder feature. But in the 1.11.8, opening a tab by CMD+Double Click on a folder or right click on a folder and choosing “Open in New Tab” will result in the tab to be opened in the native finder tab which does not serve the purpose.

Please help.


Please see this topic:

It looks like you are third person reporting being affected by this. Let’s move the discussion there.

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Hoping you could find a solution soon. My productivity has been impacted.

Thanks in advance.

@darwin Is there any way to downgrade to 1.11.4?

OK, I downgraded to older versions. In 1.11.4, 1.11.3 and 1.11.2 the problem existed, but I never had the problem before. It only means that there is a change with Mojave 10.14.3. I strongly suspect that Apple changed something in MacOS or Finder code that caused this.

I even tried TotalFinder 1.10.10 but it didn’t run on my Mojave !!!

Yep, 1.10.10 is not expected to run under Mojave. First compatible version was 1.11.0.

So, is there a remedy planned? With all due respects, Apple native finder tabs suck!

I’m sorry I’m still waiting for more people to experience this issue. I need to somehow reproduce it on my machine. Until then it is just shooting in the dark. I’ve tried to troubleshoot it with @posburn but we didn’t resolve it or find a way how to reproduce it on my machine.