Total Finder hides desktop. Why?

Total Finder is hiding my desktop randomly on startups. How do I stop this from happening. I end up force quitting TF and will remove it from my startup items. Am I missing some preference?



The desktop hides because TF need to relaunch and run along with Finder, That’s why its hiding the Desktop icons and then it will show up back when TF is completely launched. If you’re Lion user this will likely to happen and if you’re Mountain Lion user you’ll not able to see like this issue it will resolve on startup without hanging out.

Sorry, but no. The desktop never appears again after reboot. Whatever your saying that’s supposed to happen doesn’t. I even waited a half hour and the desktop never appears. I can only get it back when I force quit TF. Oh, and I’m using current version of Mountain Lion on a Mac Pro with 16GB ram.

Hm, TotalFinder should not relaunch Finder during startup. It just injects itself into running Finder instance (or launches it prior injection).

@amrosario What do you mean by hidden desktop? Are you missing icons, desktop wallpaper or both? deals only with icons. No other people have similar issue AFAIK. I’m afraid it will be machine specific problem. Maybe you have used some other Finder haxies which broke it in conjuction with TF?

Hidden desktop means no icons. Nothing. It’s as if the Finder isn’t there. The only way to,access files on my desktop is to open a new finder window and navigate to the desktop. Wallpaper gone too.

No hacks or anything like that running on my system.

FWIW, this didn’t happen prior to me updating TF. Now it happens all the time. Like I said, the only way to get back my desktop is to force quit TF via Activity Monitor.

Like I said, this is new behavior for TF.

Do you see any errors in Use filtering in the top right corner to see only “finder” related messages.