Total Spaces asking password in non informative way

I recently installed Total Spaces in Big Sur. I notice a password prompt pops up. I am not objecting for the password prompt. But to make the name more clearer. With so many new apps installed and Big Sur itself trying to set up new things, when a pop up comes saying “Developer Tools Access” is trying to take control of another process. It is quite confusing as to which Develop tool it is speaking about. If it could say Total Spaces, or Total Spaces tool is trying to access then it would be an informed decision, and will not be associated with skepticism as to which app I am giving access to. While I am still not sure if this pop up is related to Total Spaces, but if it is, then please change the name of the prompt so it does not look like a suspicious process. Thank you. Here is a screenshot of what I am speaking of! Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 10.00.06 AM|445x500

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I get the same request.

I uninstalled TotalSpaces2 and the password prompt stopped appearing.

I enabled SIP, reinstalled TotalSpaces2 v2.96 and, again, disabled SIP.

After restart the request for my password appeared again and will not go away.

It is very annoying and I hope someone is working on a fix.

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Yes, thank you for confirming its persistence after disabling SIP. My SIP is disabled from beginning. This prompt definitely looks very sketchy “Developer tools access is trying to take control of another process.” First of all the name should clearly say Total Spaces is trying to access… But most importantly it should not happen more than once. Not during every startup definitely. I really hope the developers are looking into it. It is so annoying.

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Same issue here.

This is really annoying. Every time I restart the device, it pops up asking for password. Developers please fix this. And please give the tool name properly, the current way is creepy!

Hopefully, this will answer your question.

The same issue here. Can you please fix it?

Another annoying feature of this bug is that, despite the dialog asking for permission using Touch ID (on my mac pro), Touch ID is not yet live at that stage of the start-up, so a password must be typed.

Right, that Developer tools access trying to take control of another process dialogue does not respond to finger print.

The developer suggested as seen in above replies that at this point of time there is no solution to the dialogue box. But I suggest at least make it informative. May be call lthe Developer tool access as Total Spaces or may be Total Spaces Helper. That would make that dialogue less of an horror.