TotalFinder + Alfred error / Finder view setup error

This issue is related to TotalFinder not saving column width view settings in list view. has a protocol that allows it to launch a file or folder with a hotkey.
I use this to jump to a folder in Finder for stuff I’m currently working on.

When I use this commend to jump to and open a folder, it always displays truncated in list view by default, I can change the columns, but Finder never remembers what I change them to and the next time I open the folder the columns are all crunched up again.

I believe that is error is a TotalFinder one rather than related to Alfred because with TotalFinder not running, the Alfred command works and displays the folder with remembered view and column settings as OS X does naturally.

I will include screenshots to aid in addressing this issue.

How the folder displays with TotalFinder Running, once changed, when opened again it reverts to this view.

How it displays when TotalFinder is not on.