TotalFinder not working under latest public Beta Mojave

Keep getting an error message that APPLE EVENTS CANNOT BE DELIVERED

Even entered the terminal command under the old method of fixing this issue. Did not work.

TotalFinder did work under the prior beta

Please try to follow this gist:

I believe the first line is optional.


That worked extremely well.

Glad to have Total Finder working on my Mojave.

Thank you so much for the help! You made my day. This is my favorite app.

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I updated from a 13" late 2015 MacBook Pro to a 15" 2018 MacBook Pro, disabled SIP (csrutil disble in Recovery Mode) and did a clean install of Total Finder and it works fine. So what am I doing differently that I don’t seem to be having any problems? :slight_smile:

This needs a permanent fix. I am sure there is one coming.

But right now this Terminal command fix only works temporarily. The moment I put my laptop to sleep or reboot I have to repeat the process.

That worked perfectly! Thank you!

29:45: execution error: “Finder”遇到一个错误:“«event BATFinit»”不能继续。 (-1708)

What should I do next?

TotalSpaces2 stopped working after I installed macOS Mojave 10.14.1 today, but this script fixed it! GREAT!

By the way, my terminal prompted me the error message “Finder got an error: Can’t continue «event BATFinit». (-1708)” when executing the second command, but TotalSpaces2 works anyway now!

This must be something specific to your setup. I have also updated my machine and TotalFinder works as expected. Also I’m not seeing more complains about this.

Look under System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Automation, maybe some permissions were reset during the update and you have to allow it again.

Im having the same issue. But after the last command I get "execution error: Finder got an error: Can’t continue «event BATFinit». (-1708)

There are people with custom SIP configs who experienced similar issues after updating to macOS 10.14.2. Please review your csrutil status and if custom, try to disable it fully to test this theory.