Totalfinder on M1 Macbook Air?


Is Totalfinder usable on M1 Macs?

I’ve tried installing and it doesn’t seem to work. It would be very sad if Totalfinder didn’t follow me to the new system.




Not working so far. Hopefully, the developer find a solution soon.

Hi all
Yapp, would be nice; I’d pay good coffee-money !
Found this: TotalFinder Injection Troubles

Unfortunately it looks bad for TotalFinder and TotalSpaces2. We wrote about it here:

I saw that article a couple of days ago and it was shattering, I appreciate the struggle you had had to encounter with Apple making it harder every release. Not that itchy to get an M1 now but inevitably I will and will also upgrade OS so it will be hard to let go of this wonderful functionality.

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Yap, shattering, but very much understandable too. You guys and Totalfinder have done a great job over the last decade, Thanks very much! Totalfinder will be sorely missed, but this gives you the liberty to njoy live more, work on new projects, do, whatever has been left aside on the bucket list (maybe).
Thanks again, Cu and hope, that some day apple will buy your code for a gatzillion of happy ducklings!

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Why is what Apple did to the Finder sidebar understandable? What is wrong with customized folders and colours?

@x4breakfast : I think, i did not express myself clear: It is understadable that the crew behind Totalfinder stop to develop because of Apples changes to the system… I do understand the decision to stop at that end, allthough I will miss TF.
Theres nothing wrong with customized folders or colours… of course.
Did I express clearer for U?


Well, CRAP! It’s going to be very difficult to get used to just Finder on an M1 Mac. Is there NO way to get this done??

Yes end of road as documented somewhere in this website.

It has been a great ride. Makes me less interested in getting the new iMac but the keyboard on my laptop is more annoying than living without TF (just).

Just can’t get into Pathfinder, seems too bloated for my needs.