Totalfinder on M1 Macbook Air?

Any news? Can we expect a release any time soon?

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Ready to pay for a new version, just please give me!



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+1 — on who do I have to throw my money at? :sweat_smile:


Awesome! Waiting for it! Please let us know when its ready

How is it going?

Some hopeful, how’s it going news from @akemin_dayo yesterday…here


A release date available?

when will we get it?

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

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Greetings! Long time user of Total Finder. Been using Macs for literally decades. Added TF to my 2014 Mac Book Air 11" as soon as I heard about it. Sadly my dear 11" Air is sputtering and coughing (as in logic board issues so expensive to repair that the $$ is better spent on a new laptop). So I just recently invested in a new 13" Air with the M1 and OS X 12.3.1.

I get why Apple wants to create both a massive wall of separation of the writable user area from the system area, and why they want to have more seamless interaction between OS X and iOS… but the lack of customizability is really throwing me for a loop. Only this week did I start to attempt to rebuild my new M1 Air to be as much like the finely-tuned functionality of my old 11" Air… and one by one programs that I have thoroughly enjoyed are not cutting it. Yes, installing Rosetta-2 (native to OS X but you still have to “trigger it on” - q.v.) has helped in some cases.

Total Finder is a mini-program that added some wonderful “old school” functionality, and then some. I personally loved the ability to truly customize the left finder sidebar, to revert to full color labels for folders, to split the screen into two simultaneously useable side-by-side windows and more. Glad I found this forum and learned that you intend to keep it moving forward for the M1 Macs. THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile:

If I may, I have one lone request. Back in the day we had a mini-app called “Windowshade” which underwent a few revisions but stopped being usable several OS ago. The most basic aspect was to “Roll Up” a given Finder window into simply a thin strip with the name of the open folder the window referred to (e.g. “My Travel Photos”, etc) taking extremely little vertical space (but stays as wide as you need) and still allowing you to see what’s open and easily go back and forth. If there is any possible way to implement that into Total Finder for the future that would be INCREDIBLE! :smiley:

In any event, thank you again for continuing to make Total Finder. My M1 Air is already looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

A product called WindowMizer does what Windowshade used to do and works on Monterey and M1’s (ie it is up to date). The only drawback is that it is subscription-based



I’m going to be a bit of a complainer, but I find it surprising not to have any feedback on the development progress of the Mac M1 version.

Either you tell us that it’s not possible and in this case, we move on, or you communicate a progress report.

So yes, it’s “just an application” and there are more important things in life, but on a personal level, your silence is not very customer oriented nor very professional.

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The official statement states:

TotalFinder is not compatible with Apple’s latest computers with M1 chip. It fails by reporting that Apple events cannot be delivered. Unfortunately there is no known solution at this point.

So, calling @akemin_dayo private efforts “not very customer oriented nor very professional” might be a bit harsh.

With that said, I wouldn’t mind an update, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the M1 compatible release :slightly_smiling_face:

The current state of TotalFinder on M1 is what I’d describe as “basically complete and working, but with two minor bugs”.

I’ve been trying to aim for release sometime this week, actually.

The two remaining issues are:

  1. Trying to use the “Enter Time Machine” button from the Time Machine menu in the menu bar will result in Finder crashing and reverting to the stock Apple state.
    • This does not impede the use of “Enter Time Machine”, as the user can simply try again while using stock Finder, and it will work.
    • Re-opening TotalFinder after the user is done with using “Enter Time Machine” will restore all TotalFinder features.
  2. macOS version upgrades will cause TotalFinder and its various components to be moved into a “Relocated Items” or “Incompatible Items” folder.
    • This means the user must re-install TotalFinder after every macOS version upgrade. (Re-installation basically just involves opening the DMG and installing the PKG within again.)
    • Advanced users can choose to move the files into the correct locations themselves, of course.

I’m aiming to try and fix issue #1 here before release — I’m not sure if there’s really anything I can do about issue #2 since Apple’s behaviour regarding “incompatible items” is not very well understood, so I’m not considering that bug to be blocking release.

I do apologise for keeping everyone waiting — trust me, I’ve felt horrid about taking so long as well, but a lot of things have happened in my life in the past 4 months that have made it rather difficult to find time to properly work on this. Thankfully, things have calmed down now.

(Also, just a note — I am not actually officially affiliated with BinaryAge, nor am I receiving any sort of monetary compensation — my continuation of TotalFinder basically came as the result of me figuring out a major blocker preventing it from working on M1, and me subsequently initiating conversation in an email to them one day.)