Totalfinder on M1 Macbook Air?

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I’ve been keeping an extra window in my browser for this page and for your Twitter page, just to keep an eye on the situation haha.

Just wanted to thank you here for your help with TotalFinder. Love the workflow of it. Being a part of my workstations for so long, I guess it has already become a part of my studio.
So thank you for your effort and time.

Greetings from Ukraine :yellow_heart:

Thank you for your feedback ^^

Good news — TotalFinder is now compatible with Apple Silicon (arm64 / AArch64) as of version 1.14.1! (… As long as you disable some system security features, that is.)

Please feel free to discuss your experience using TotalFinder on Apple Silicon in the new discussion thread!


Thank you so much @akemin_dayo

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Amazing news - thanks so much for your work!

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@akemin_dayo THANK YOU!!! :grin:

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