TotalFinder Support In macOS 10.14 Mojave

I’m sure you’re already aware that TotalFinder crashes on Mojave, which is understandable since Finder seems to be completely rewritten.

My crash log is here, for reference:

Since Finder has been rewritten, is this the end of TF or will development continue? I’d hate to lose this app!


I also would hate to lose this app - it is used more than all other apps put together and is far, far better that any alternatives…

Those should be just minor issues. I strongly believe it won’t be much effort to adapt TotalFinder for 10.14 Mojave. Thanks for your support. Stay tuned!


If you don’t re-enable SIP, Total Finder works (sort of). You have individual tabs, colored folders, but you don’t have Cut/Copy/Paste. The options are there but they do not work.
The error message that I receive is the old AppleEvent problem. Apple Event cannot be delivered. I tried killing the events process but that did not solve the problem.

Well, it looks that I was overly optimistic. For development I was running with SIP disabled. I confirm @Ken’s observation. When I fully enable SIP, the code injection does not work and this message can be found in the (syslog):

skipped scripting addition "/System/Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalFinderSIP.osax" because it is not signed by Apple.

This looks like a deal breaker for SIP users.

btw. For info on TotalFinder and SIP, please read this article:

Surely TF isn’t the only non-Apple signed app in existence. I’m using a number of apps (including CleanMyMac X and CleanMyMac 3) and neither of those are having problems. Granted, they aren’t as deeply involved in the code as Total Finder but (short of selling TF as an App Store product) there has to be a way to reprogram TF to work. I have lots of faith in you guys.You found a way in 10.13, here’s hoping for 10.14.

i have SIP disabled and can’t get anything to run. TF crashes immediately. even just tried to uninstall / reinstall to be sure.

EDIT: just booted into recovery and re-disabled SIP to make sure. still crashes on attempted load of TF.

Great news!

Yes, it crashes under 10.14 (in my case a bit later after startup). TotalFinder is calling into some functionality which is missing in new Finder. But that is something I will be able to fix in next release.

I have SIP always on disable, so that part isn’t my problem. Since I have just one mac at the moment, I will first wait for TF update before going to beta :slight_smile:

TotalFinder crashed immediately on start in 10.14 and therefore I’m unable to check for updates. I’m subscribing to this thread in hopes that an update announcement will be posted here soon.

Don’t care about SIP… look forward to keeping this utility alive in Mojave.

One app is not the other, no need to compare.
As for CleanMyMac, please get rid of that crap, it is not needed at all.
I have been on OS X/macOS since the very first beta, I never clean my mac and it runs fine.

Guess we just wait for an Update, can’t expect them to have it ready within days of the first beta of a new OS.

Sadly SIP IS an issue for me. My systems have to have it enabled (one of them is a work machine).

I guess this is the end of the road for me for TotalFinder… I’m very saddened by this… I love TotalFinder… I’ve never found a better way to replace or augment Finder…

Will be there any beta of TotalFinder for users of beta macOS? :slight_smile: i think a lot of ppl will be happy to get something usable even if it will contain only fix for Mojave, with no more additional feature (sure, as just beta without interrupting other users)

I just installed Mojave Public Beta yesterday. TotalFinder “seems” to be working. On the other hand, TotalSpaces does not do anything. It does not even issue an error message.

I’d gladly send you another $10-$20 if the update for Mojave requires much rewrite. I cannot live without the Visor feature. Everything else, I can survive without, but not without the visor. I’ll stay on HS if I have to, but want to give the beta a try since iOS 12 beta has been sooo amazingly smooth and fast.


Ditto ; fully support an upgrade fee to get these two apps working under Mojave.

Me too… :frowning: