TotalFinder Support In macOS 10.14 Mojave

I agree. Disabling SIP is bad practice and it an ill judged decision for a developer to ship a product that requires users to do this.

My apologies. The reply was intended for you.

I agree. Disabling SIP is bad practice and it’s an ill judged decision for a developer to ship a product that requires users to do this.

Is it possible you have disabled Apple Mobile File Integrity or Gatekeeper ?

I believe if either are off it will not show the pop up asking for permission to control applications.

The feature also seems to be pretty actively/early in development in the betas as there have been several bugs relating to it that I’ve noticed, so how it is working now isn’t necessarily how it’ll be at release or later builds.

Hi w0lf - so gatekeeper was already set at allow App Store and identified developers, but I made it more permissible and set it to Anywhere. That was unsuccessful.
As for disabling Apple Mobbile File Integrity, I am not familiar with any way to do so. Nor could I find any running activity for amfid in the activity monitor. I do have SIP disabled though.

Running macOS D4.

i’m in. :+1:

Please try to follow this gist to inject TotalFinder by hand and report back:

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Thanks, manually injecting TotalFinder (1.11.1) worked for me in Mojave 10.14 Beta 7.

EDIT: Well it worked until it crashed (I’ve sent the crash report). I have to run the command again to run TotalFinder. Under Preferences->Security & Privacy->Automation it shows Terminal as having control over Finder instead of TotalFinder. Is there are way to give TotalFinder permission instead of Terminal?

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. SIP is disabled. Still getting the message “Apple Events cannot be delivered.”. Not getting a prompt for TotalFinder to control Finder.

EDIT2: Okay I managed to get a prompt for TotalFinder to control Finder by installing version 1.10.2. Then I just installed 1.11.1 over the top. So now I have TotalFinder->✓Finder Under Preferences->Security & Privacy->Automation.

Finally started worked with the B7 update!!!

Thank you for all the help; it was most definitely how Mojave handled TotalFinder, having been already installed and not injecting it properly into automation.

Hi, manual inject works here fpr me too, Mojave DP7.
Restart give me theApple Events Error…
maybe you can make this working again ?

Restart give me theApple Events Error…

Try installing Total Finder 1.10.2. When I installed that version it prompted me to allow TotalFinder control over Finder. Once you give it permission you can install 1.11.1 over the top. Then it should restart again after that without problems.

seems a little bit crazy, but its woking.
Some Panic, because after Installation of 10…2 the Finder Restarts all one Second…

With Mojave beta 8 TF starts as normal (no need for the two-line AppleEvents commands…)

Hi, is there any chance that TotalFinder or disabled SIP can prevent (limit) Mac OS installing the update of next beta? (e.g. I have Beta 5 and installing process to Beta 7 freezes and then Mac is restarted). TF works fine and there are no issues with it (I am grateful for your work, Darwin)

You van switch Beta-Updates off in SystemPreferences/Updates/ click on the “Details” on the left Side and set your Mac to Standard.
Your Mac will be stay at the current State and will no longer receive Beta-Updates.

Doesn’t seem to bother updating the beta at all. I use the automatic update ib the beta wiyh no problems.

What’s the latest version of TF? I have 1.11.1 installed and still see some things that haven’t been updated in a while for Mojave. The one that bugs me the most is the cut copy and paste buttons are still using the silver theme but in dark mode the text on the buttons are white and impossible to read unless I hover over the buttons. (see screenshot)

When focused on a fullscreen app and pressing the hotkeys to invoke the TS visor, it switches to a regular desktop space and the focus is set to whichever app was previously in focus on the desktop or the focus goes to the desktop itself and not the visor.

To test, set visor to the sticky mode so it doesn’t automatically close when losing focus, open a safari window or any other app on a desktop, then launch text edit and start a new document. Put the text edit document in fullscreen mode, Then invoke the TS visor while in the fullscreen view. It will switch to the last space the visor was open on but another app will get immediate focus.

Ah, good catch. Those menu buttons will get proper dark mode colors in the next version.

I do have installed the latest version - is there any recomendación what to do when updating to Mojave. I am not comfortable disabling SIP completely. Do I have to say goodbye to Totalfinder?


is it impossible to have it signed by Apple? I just ask I don’t mind have SIP disabled. I am glad you made this version. Happy to contribute again to your development if you like.

i didn’t see a reply to this. it seems like an important question.

my guess is that either the issue is

  1. you’d need to sell totalfinder in the Mac App Store and have apple sign off on it or
  2. totalfinder does stuff on macOS Apple doesn’t want any developer doing

if it’s #1 the resolution seems easy – just sell your app in the mac app store and raise the price to compensate for the apple cut

if it’s #2 that sucks :frowning:

i imagine the same analysis applies to totalspaces? that’s what i actually care about. i just bought totalspaces recently and love it and want to continue to use it but not with SIP turned off :frowning: