TotalFinder visor does't show in any app's full screen mode

TotalFinder version: 1.11.3
macOS version:10.14


I confirm that activating visor over full-screen app causes desktop switch. I’m afraid this is a known limitation of full screen mode.

I don’t remember exact details, we had a discussion about it in TotalTerminal when full screen apps were introduced. TotalFinder’s Visor implementation is similar and suffers from the same problem.

i use app like paste2 and Unclutter app, it works show view in any app’s full screen.
can you try improve visor like they app. thanks a lot

I’m pretty sure those apps have LSUIElement flag set. That is why they work.

I cannot set LSUIElement flag on

Is there a technical reason LSUIElement cannot be set on dynamically like you did in TotalTerminal?

I tried manually add the LSUIElement key (with value <true/>) into and relaunching both Finder and TotalFinder. The latter crashed on startup. However, after restoring the original (without a reboot), I was able to run TotalFinder with a visor that works over fullscreen apps!

Obviously, this does not survive a reboot. And there are minor caveats, like the Finder icon persisting in the dock, seemingly unremovable. This seems to show that it is possible, though?

(Sorry for reviving this old topic but I just found out that iTerm’s visor can now work over fullscreen apps with the right preferences set, and I would be thrilled if I could get that with TotalFinder too.)

I could add a hidden preferences tweak to dynamically enable LSUIElement on running after TotalFinder injection. Would that work for you?

I’m not sure what would be the consequences, but you could test it at least.