TotalFinder Window remains above when opening new Google Chrome incognito window from dock

So I have a problem as described in the title. Below are the details.

OS version: OS X 10.8 or 10.9 (same issue on both versions)
TotalFinder version: TotalFinder 1.5.2 (maybe also on earlier builds; I can’t recall exactly)

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Open a Google Chrome window, and leave it there.
  2. Quickly switch to a Finder window (you know, I mean with TotalFinder).
  3. Quickly open a Google Chrome Incognito window from dock: Dock--Google Chrome--New Incognito Window.

Expected behavior:
Control switches to Google Chrome, and new Chrome window on top of screen.

Actual behavior:
Control switches to Google Chrome (menu bar), but Finder window still stays on top of the new Chrome window.

Here are the screenshots:



Note that the steps described above is not the only way to produce the problem; but I found it to work every time I tried.

Also, I have done the same tests on the original Finder (without TotalFinder) and did not see the wrong behavior. So I guess this is an issue on TotalFinder’s part (or Chrome, but chances are smaller).

At last, although I didn’t see any correlation with the issue, I will post my TotalFinder configs: