TotalSpaces support on MacOS 10.14 Mojave



i won’t update to mojave until totalspaces is working. A mac without totalspaces is nearly unusable for me as of now :smiley:


Hi Stephen, no news good/bad news ? :slight_smile: we’re now on Mojave beta 3 dev


+1, would happily pay for an upgrade license for having this in Mojave. I’ve been without TS2 for several days now since upgrading, and its absence is brutal! =)


Making progress. I have desktops switching on beta 1 - more work to do, and must port to the latest beta, but it’s looking more promising now. I’ll keep you posted.


That’s exciting news. Thanks, stephen.




Thanks Stephen! Super excited for this. =)


Thx Steven for your hard work :sunglasses: