TotalSpaces support on MacOS 10.14 Mojave



Same issue on the newly released Mojave Public Beta 4 (18A347e).


TotalSpaces2 will need to be updated for the new release. That won’t happen for a few days as I am away until Sunday, but should be fairly quick when I am back at my desk.

Regarding the logout (which is usually due to a windows server crash), I will try to fix that at the same time.


Hi Stephen, will you please fix the digital indicator which enveloped in the menubar icon in the next release? The desktop number digital is missing in Light Mode, but is OK in the Dark Mode in Mojave Public beta 3 & 4.

Below is in the Dark Mode, which is OK:

Below is in the Light Mode, the indicator is missing:


Thanks, I’ll check it.


Hi, there were quite a few changes, it took a while, but I now have an updated version TotalSpaces2 working for beta5.

However, as there’s another beta out now I’ll update it for beta6 before posting here.

But we are making progress!


I turned off automatic updates to make I’m on track with your next release :sweat_smile:

Thanks man for your efforts


You may try this version, it should work in beta 5 or beta 6 (but not beta 4 or below)


Works perfectly on beta 5, will upgrade to 6 and let you know


And works perfectly on beta 6. Stephen, you are the man!


It works!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. :smile:


Works on the latest beta, no instant logout as before, thanks.
Must admit I just downloaded so there might be bugs.


Many thanks Stephen, works like a charm on beta 6.
The TS2 great application is back !
Much appreciated :slight_smile:
Will report back if I see any issues.
Any chance re-enabling SIP will be possible at a later stage on Mojave ?


Beta 7 just came out… will update and see what happens, possibly last beta before GM, or close to GM.


@hangloose I don’t see any way to get around Apple’s new code signing requirements for injected code. Meaning, no, not much chance to re-enable SIP completely. I’ll see if it can be partially re-enabled though.

I’ll check beta 7 soon, will probably need an update. It’s a bit early for GM I think? But you may be right.


v2.7.1 crashes the window server on beta 7 when attempting to rearrange spaces in the overview grid with exposé.


Please try this version, updated for beta 7:


OK I understand. Merci Stephen.


Looks like working on beta 8 18A371a with 2.7.2.
No crash winsrv for selecting/rearranging in the overview grid so far.


same here, agreed


Anybody tested it out on Beta 9?