TotalSpaces support on MacOS 10.14 Mojave



on my beta9. Total spaces seems not working again


Hey guys… long time TS user. Ive been following the forums. TS is still working perfectly for me after updated to the most current beta


working for me on Mojave beta 10


sometimes not launching properly on iMac Pro, I had to relaunch twice today when rebooting Mac; now ok once running


Still working for me on Beta 10.


On the latest beta (18A389) it’s working ok through our testing. I’m expecting it to continue working into GM at this point. Please let me know any issues. Thanks!

Oh, by the way, the latest version is


Merci !


@Stephen: On version 18Ac89 of Mojave, TS 2.7.4 was working properly until I rebooted. Now it won’t start properly and I’m getting the following error message:


I checked under Automation and TS is allowed to control the Dock, and SIP is already disabled. This message repeats over and over until I quit TS (I guess TS keeps trying to inject itself into Dock and keeps failing).