TotalSpaces support on MacOS 11 Big Sur

v2.8.12 isn’t working during installation (wasn’t expecting it to work)

SIP is disabled ofc

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Can confirm, upgraded to 11.0 (20A4299v) this morning, and many, many, many apps do not work, including many core OS apps (like Finder and the menubar).

I can say without a doubt, this is an absolute trainwreck of an OS update. It looks like Apple created a cheap knock-off of their own OS. It looks like a horribly built window manager on top of Linux from 10 years ago.

I rely on tools like TotalSpaces, Little Snitch, SwitchResX to get my daily work done, and I will definitely be rolling back to my previous update after witnessing the mess that Apple has created with 11.0.

Yes, I know its a beta, and I expect bugs and issues, but you can tell from the changes so far, what direction they’re heading with this, and it’s veered left off the road of clean, stable, usability into something that feels a lot less polished, refined and with actual thought put into its design.

Back to Cataliina I go!

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Just to set expectations a bit, there are significant new technical hurdles to even getting to the point where we can run TotalSpaces2, let alone updating it for MacOS 11. We will update here with more news as we have it.


Thanks Stephen for the usual support and responsiveness, and I’m right here dreaming for the day Apple can acquire the app and implement it natively

Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m looking forward to the public beta to become available. Hopefully, they’ll have some of the major bugs ironed out by then.

Update: I have a build which might work for you. At least one thing is still broken (desktop and window names don’t show), and there may be some visual artifacts during transitions. Let me know how it goes!

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Thank you soooo much Stephen, we’ll give you feed-backs.
Keep up the great summer work !

Hi Stephen, I just registered because I wanted to thank you SO, SO MUCH for trying to make TotalFinder and TotalSpaces work on Big Sur. It seems that my previous Finder Addon solution, Xtra Finder, won’t continue developments into MacOS 11 and onwards…I would be so, so happy to find a new home with TotalFinder. Please keep up the amazing work.

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Hi Stephen,
macOS Big Sur beta 5, issued last night, has broken the normal execution of TS2 on my iMac Pro and MacBook Pro: overview grid is OK for me, BUT impossible to move between spaces: anyone else has this on beta 5? workaround ?
Best, C

I’ll look into it, thanks for the report.

Please try this one for beta 5 compatibility:

Working indeed Stephen, wow, fast fix, thank you !

Good morning Stephen, hope your are doing well.
Beta 7 of macOS Big Sur was released last night: it seems to have broken the working status of TS2. I can’t get it to work this morning. A little tweaking from your side ?
I thought you should be aware.
Take care.
Best, Christophe

The latest TS beta 2.9.1 won’t install for me on the latest dev beta of Big Sur (20A5374g). Same error as in the beginning with the plugin not found error. Not sure if that’s why it’s no longer working for @hangloose

I have to second that. I just installed the latest version of Big Sur public beta and TotalSpaces no longer works.


Same here. The combination of Big Sur beta (20A5374i) and the most recent version of TS2 beta aren’t happy together. I’m getting a plugin installation error.

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Hi all, latest Big Sur beta provided a serious challenge to getting TotalSpaces2 working with it, in that getting the plugin to load at all is a matter for additional research right now. We do have TotalFinder working with this beta, but unfortunately we have an additional issue with TotalSpaces2. I’ll keep you updated.


Hi Stephen, gee, that’s tough again.
Well, macOS Big Sur beta 9 is out just now…
Good luck, and thank you!

Please try

I had to make some non-trivial changes in this version, please let me know if it works ok!

Tested on beta 9, I will check with beta 10 tomorrow.

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